wmotors fyner supersport
wmotors fyner supersport

On the other side of the globe in China, ICONIQ Motors has set a different focus with the aim of creating the latest passenger-oriented experience through the development and use of a sustainable and fully electric platform as well as cutting-edge innovative technology

wmotors fyner supersport
The Company
The Company

The launch of the ICONIQ SEVEN Smart Passenger Vehicle (SPV) results from the strategic alliance between W Motors and ICONIQ Motors whereas the Dubai-based Company was able to combine its characteristically aggressive and unique design language with the futuristic features of the electric vehicles put in place by ICONIQ Motors, such as the smart technology, reliability, entertainment and comfort.

The ICONIQ SEVEN vehicles, exhibited in 2 editions, are designed around the comfort and experience of the passenger.

The brand-new SEVEN Generation II VIP edition is equipped with two presidential seats and a 37-inch LED screen.

The Premium edition combines high-end finishing, enjoyment and practicability for both business and home use.

The Company
The Company
The Company


Max Power: 165Kw
100 km/h acceleration <10 seconds

Charging time 8hrs to 90%, 45 mins to 80%

Battery Capacity: 95Kwh

Maximum speed: 160km/h

Curing quality: 2500KG


Length: 5170mm

Width: 1934mm

Height: 1823mm

Wheelbase: 3100mm

Seating: 7-6-4

NEDC range: 400km+