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September 22 2016 - Robb Report - Best Of The Best

Gulf Dreams

"As a newcomer to the ultra-luxury supercar segment, W Motors pulled out all the stops with its firstborn, the Lykan HyperSport, in 2013. The Arab world's inaugural automobile went from idea to prototype in less than five years and had a superlative specs sheet. Its features included ... "


September 01 2016 - Air Magazine

Leader Of The Pack

"Ferocious and powerful, the Fenyr SuperSport is the newest beast unleashed by Dubai-based W Motors. CEO Ralph Debbas explains how motoring aficionados - and style purists - are in for the ride of their life. (...)"


July 01 2016 - Luxury Magazine

Arabian Might

"For more than a decade, the Middle East - and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in particular - has served as a major market for luxury goods, especially items of great exclusivity. In no category is this more apparent than extreme luxury vehicles. (...)"


July 01 2016 - Gentlemen Drivers Magazine

Ralph Debbas - The Phoenician Gentleman

"Never giving up and always following your dreams is the most important thing. Believing this slogan to be true, Ralph Debbas could realize his own dream and create the first sports car brand in the Arab world. At only 28 years old, (...)"


April 01 2016 - Arab Wheels

W Motors

"W Motors Lykan HyperSport sat in Geneva with a new paint job [...]"


January 01 2016 - Unique GCC Edition

W Motors Unveils Its Latest Creation

"W Motors, the first Arabian brand of high performance luxury sports cars, achieved a new milestone today with the world debut of its latest creation, the Fenyr SuperSport, on the first day of the internationally acclaimed Dubai International Motor Show taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. (...)"


January 01 2016 - Millenium Millionaire

The Automotive Genius, Ralph R. Debbas

"Raised in Lebanon, Ralhph R. Debbas hails from a family of industrialists whit family businesses spreading around the region in several sectors of the industry but his entrepreneurial gene, from a very young age leaned more towards his passion for cars and the automotive industry. (...)"


January 01 2016 - A&e

Turning Heads With His Fast and Furious Cars: Ralph Debbas

"Ralph Debbas is a bit of an enigma. He was raised in Lebanon, from a family of industrialists. At a very young age, he grew up around entrepreneurship (...)"


January 01 2016 - Think High

The Lykan HSF (Hybrid Synthetic Fuel)

"W Motors has proven to the world that Arabs know more about cars than just racing, by launching a Lykan HyperSport race car worth 3.4 million dollars (...)"


December 31 2015 - Toys For Boys

The First Son of The Middle East

"The W Motors Lykan HyperSport is the first supercar ever produced in the Middle East. It caught the world's attention in the film Furious 7 when (...)"

December 15 2015 - The Technology Of Alam Alsayarat

W Motors Fenyr

"The Arab company W Motors unveiled, for the first time, its newest supercar the Fenyr SuperSport at the Dubai Auto Show this year. (...)"


December 01 2015 - Arab Wheels

W Motors

W Motors, the first Arabian brand of high performance luxury sports cars, achieved a new milestone with the world debut of its latest creation, the Fenyr SuperSport...


December 01 2015 - Amwal

Ralph Debbas: "W Motors" Completes Its Factory in the UAE in 2016"

"W Motors is the first Arabian trademark of super luxury vehicles. (...)"


December 01 2015 - Auto Info

W Motors

"The supercar company W Motors recently unveiled its new car the Fenyr SuperSport worth 6.6 million Dirhams in front of international press (...)"


December 01 2015 - Cars World

Dubai International Motor Show 2015

"The thirteenth edition of the Dubai International Motor Show took place from the 10th to the 14th of November, with around 139 new models, and 16 concept cars (...)"


November 12 2015 - Horse Power

Totally Unique

" Ralph Debbas, Chief Executive of W Motors may've garnered plenty of column inches with the famous Lykan Hypersport from its launch, to its silver screen debut in Fast and Furious 7 when it crashed through Abu Dhabi's Etihad Towers. However, there are more than smoke and hologrammed mirrors behind this Supercar. There's plenty of integrity not just in the development and engineering, but in the much bigger dream of building not simply a brand, but an entire industry from scratch. Charley Larcombe sits down with an inspiring entrepreneur. (...) "

November 01 2015 - Global Citizen

Super Power, The Newest Million-Dollar Arab Supercar: Fenyr SuperSport

"Launched at Dubai International Motor Show this month, the Fenyr SuperSport is the second production car from Dubai-based W Motors. (...)"


May 31 2015 - Global Citizen

Standing Out From The Pack

"Lebanese entrepreneur Ralph Debbas is not yet 30 but is already making a name for himself in he luxury car manufacturing business. (…)"


March 24 2015 - The National

The car that became a star

"When Furious 7 opens in UAE cinemas tomorrow night, fans will see Vin Diesel's character Dom Toretto switch vehicles.(…)"


February 20 2015 - The Daily Star

The Lykan: Lebanese hypercar features in 'Fast and Furious' film

"Most people would probably be distressed by the sight of their car plunging out of a sky-scraper, but for Ralph Debbas, the man behind the Lykan HyperSport, it is a moment of pride.(…)"


February 11 2015 - L'Orient Le Jour

A lebanese racing car, star of the latest 'Fast and Furious'

"The lovers of 'Fast and Furious' know it, this legend is in each of its series like an automotive anthem .(…)"

January 15 2015 - The Technology Of Alam Alsayarat

A Car with Enormous Capabilities, W Motors' Fenyr

"After their masterpiece, the Lykan HyperSport, which was the star of the seventh instalment of the Fast and Furious film and cost 3.4 million dollars, the Arabian W Motors has returned to the spotlight to unveil a new masterpiece, the Fenyr SuperSport. (...)"


April 17 2014 - The Riviera Times

Reviewing up the Côte d'Azur

"From the world's most luxurious car show to a prestigious tennis tournament, things are starting to heat up as 'the season' approaches.(…)"


December 20 2013 - Strato Sphere

The Supercar from Arabia

"You probably never heard of W Motors. It’s totally understandable.Last year, their automobiles were nothing more than drawings on papers. (…)"

November 28 2013 - AIR

Best In Show

"The Dubai International Motor Show this month will see a production sample of the region's first supercar, the Lykan HyperSport, on display priced at US$3.4 million.(…)"

November 01 2013 - Wheels

Bigger And Better

"The incredible Lykan HyperSport was a show-stopper (…)"


October 18 2013 - Wheels

Arab Pride

"The Middle East's first Supercar prepares to make its global production-spec at Dubai motor show (…)"

April 26 2013 - Al Siyassah

The first Arab High-speed car…in the classic car museum

"The classic car museum celebrated the arrival of the first arab high-speed car, The Lykan will be presented there for one week.(…)"


April 20 2013 - Al Anba

The classic car museum welcomes The Lykan, the first Arab high-speed car in the world.

"The classic car museum celebrated the arrival of the first arab high-speed car, The Lykan, It was made by W Motors.(…)"


April 15 2013 - Al Rai

The Lykan in The Museum of Cars until next Tuesday

"The Chairman of committees, Mustapha Mokhsid, described the pride and achievement felt by taking part of showing the first Arab sports Supercar(…)"


April 11 2013 - Al Watan

First High-speed arab car, in the classic car museum.

"The classic car museum welcomed the first Arab high speed sports car made by W Motors.(…)"


April 11 2013 - Al Nahar

The museum of cars welcomes The Lykan as the first Arab Sports car.

"The historical museum of old, classic and traditional cars welcomed the first new Arab sports car that was made by W Motors.(…)"


March 15 2013 - Arabian Business

The world's 500 most influential Arabs (Sultan Abu Sultan)

"Sultan Abu Sultan is co-founder and managing partner of W Motors, the firm that has built the first supercar originating from the Middle East.(…)"


January 20 2013 - Qatar Motorshow

Arab World's first Sports Car Debuts

"The creation of what is being dubbed as the Arab World's first sports car is being seen as the harbinger for an exclusive Arab or Middle Eastern automotive industry.(…)"


October 20 2012 - Facelook

W Motors, A New Luxurious Car Produced by A Lebanese

"A Supercar developed in the Arab World and sold at US$3.4 million ? (…)"


October 05 2012 - Facelook

Raplh Debbas

"The main feature of your character: Ambition. (…)"


August 12 2012 - Special

Raplh Debbas, A Wolf Who Managed To Realise His Dream

"At the age of 21, Ralph Debbas dares himself to produce the first sports car in the Arab World, an ambition that nothing seems to upset.(…)"

July 11 2012 - Adam Levant

First Arab Brand of High Performance Luxury Sports Cars Launched From Beirut

"With an entrepreneurial background, Ralph Debbas is the mastermind behind the creation of W Motors (…)"


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